Party Program


Flag of Iran when we take over!

  • To be independent, both now and in the future, we demand that Iran leaves the OPEC, OIC, NAM and the UN with immediate effect.
  • Only an Iranian can be a citizen, that means somebody who is of Persian blood.
  • We fight the corrupt parliament democracy, where anybody can achieve a high position in office just by having the money or through the right connections. Instead we want to replace it with a “people’s leadership”, in this people’s leadership every citizen has the right and is also obligated to have a say about how our nation is to be led. The people’s leader therefore cannot buy himself into politics, he has to show that he is capable of representing the people.
  • The state is obligated to care for its citizens. No citizen can be allowed to be without housing or work. We demand the development of an extended welfare system, to give the people the best standard of living. No political leader is ever allowed to take from the public’s money to put in his own pocket, doing so will be punished with death.
  • Any further immigration of non-Iranians is to be prevented. We demand that all non-Iranians be forced to immediately leave our nation.
  • All citizens have equal rights and obligations.
  • Genetically modified organisms are strictly prohibited. They are considered a crime against nature and therefore anybody involved with GMOs faces execution. The same rules apply for stem cell research and cloning.
  • Every citizen is obligated to work either physically or spiritually. This work has to be of use to the public, not just the individual. The entire people’s creative and productive efforts are highly valued, and no one is allowed to advance at the expense of someone else.
  • The abolishment of unearned incomes (non-labour income) and breaking of interest slavery.
  • We demand the nationalization of all major industries. All profit returns to the people, not foreign interests.
  • We demand the creation of a healthy and strong middle class.
  • We demand a land reform suitable to our nation.
  • We demand a struggle against public enemies who do nothing but harm the people. National criminals and so on are to be punished with death.
  • We demand that the sharia law, serving a Jewish world order, be abolished in place of an Iranian common law.
  • The state is responsible for a reconstruction of our whole national education system, to enable every industrious Iranian the possibility to obtain higher education and thereby introduction into leading positions.
  • We demand a generous expansion of our armed forces.
  • The state has to care for the people’s health through the encouragement of physical fitness and by supporting all sports associations.
  • The Persian language must be cleared of foreign words, only then can our wonderful language advance forward.
  • To make all of this possible we demand the formation of a strong central power in Iran.

National Socialism always continues to grow, it is the will of the people, therefore these points only are a few of our most important ideas. The Iranian people will decide on further changes and ideas.

2 thoughts on “Party Program

  1. commanderassady

    I like this program and it really good idea for beautiful iran(persia). fuck United Nations of zionist. I’m proud to be persian even tho im half persian and vietnamese




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