This party can save our nation!

Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Iran/حزب سوسیالیست ملی ایران is a national socialist party that was created because there was no real national socialist party in Iran nor outside of Iran.

There have been various attempts by some people who put up blogs or a few videos saying they were the real deal. They act serious for a few weeks, but then they leave and don’t come back. That’s not how a national socialist party is supposed to act, that is why I felt we needed a real party. One that doesn’t disappear after a few weeks.

So I founded Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Iran, the real national front for all Iranians to join. We’re not like the other parties teaming up with the USA receiving generous funds and also getting corrupted and working against the people. We live to serve our race, there is nothing more important than that.

So join us in the battle for a free, strong and independent Iran!

Javid Iran! Mellat, keshvar, rahbar!


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