Attempted military coup in Turkey

Mainstream media reported about of a coup going on in Turkey, as military had taken control over the country. Soldiers from all over the country began taking over important government buildings in major cities (especially in Ankara and Istanbul) on Friday night. Tanks had blocked off bridges in Ankara and other key cities like Istanbul for example. They had also taken control of several important news stations, such as CNN and TRT. The Air Force launched attacks against government buildings (the parliament building was destroyed) as well as the headquarters of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). The National Intelligence Organization is involved in letting people join ISIS in Syria, as well as let ISIS soldiers from Syria cross into Turkey to give them aid, supplies, food and shelter.

Road blocked by the Turkish army

The attempted military coup was aimed at the regime of dictator Erdogan. The police had sided with the regime, and fought against the military and for Erdogan. So did a few hundred brainwashed Muslims, that acted exactly like ISIS: they tried to attack army tanks with sticks and screamed “Allah Akbar” all night. Some got violent and began killing soldiers, for their Jewish dictator Erdogan.

Turkish soldiers

The military had ordered the people off the streets, Erdogan instead ordered them onto the streets to save him.

The following morning it was announced that the coup had failed, and that those involved would be punished (killed or heavily tortured). Police and “the people” eventually threw the military out of the buildings that they had taken over. A helicopter was shot down over Ankara, and hundreds of people were lying dead on the streets.

The question remains: Were those really the people or the FSA/ISIS wanting Erdogan to stay in power because of his support for ISIS?
That makes you think, how did these few people even stop a military coup… Was it even a coup? Or was it staged by Erdogan to earn back the people’s trust? In other words, a false flag operation. The protector of the Turkish Nation who defeated the enemy that wanted civil war, repression and economic decline…
If this really was a coup, why did the soldiers surrender so quickly? And if this wasn’t a coup… Erdogan really has shown his people how much he loves them. He has strengthened his role as a dictator.

One thing is for sure, we will definitely see more events like this in the future. Erdogan can’t expect the Turkish people to take what he does: destroying Syria, killing innocent people, funding and working together with ISIS, and selling Turkey to Israel. Though, it is most likely that it was all staged by Erdogan; his popularity was declining and he became enemies with most nations (especially with Russia and Syria) – so something big had to happen so that people would forget about all that and he could come out as a hero and win back the people. The way it looks right now, it didn’t work very well. Most Turks are skeptical to this event, and believe it was all faked by Erdogan himself.

Only cowards surrender! You fight to the death!

Why even try to overthrow the government, if you aren’t ready to fight for the cause? What kind of weak military does that? Did they think it was going to be easy? No one dies, and they achieve victory in one night. If they did, the Turkish military is a joke!

According to new information, it really does seem like the whole thing was a hoax orchestrated by Erdogan, to give himself full power over Turkey and to get rid of antiregime soldiers in the military.

Why are we so sure? Because several sources have told us that the soldiers themselves (who had absolutely no leadership, and most of them were conscripts – meaning most of them were 18) have told the people that they thought it was a training exercise. That’s why they were shocked when they were getting beat up by the retarded people and police.

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Javid Iran!

4 thoughts on “Attempted military coup in Turkey

  1. Aus

    The soldiers were tricked by their commanders into thinking that it was a drill. Since Turkey still has conscription… Many of the people that came out to put down the coup, likely were former soldiers. Here is a famous quote, “Every Turk is born a soldier”.


    1. Sarbaz Post author

      Unfortunately, no. There is no Persian version. The reason our website is in English, is to reach out to all Iranians who don’t speak Persian good.




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