Climate Change Scam

Who hasn’t heard of global warming? The scary thing that will completely destroy the world we’re living in, and that we’re responsible for it.

CO2 doesn’t warm up the climate, it’s a lie the Jews have come up with to take our eyes off real problems – for example the Jews themselves. They never talk about the amount of chemicals in our nature, chemicals the Jews themselves have poured into the environment. They never talk about the poisonous waters full of plastic, mercury, lead and aluminum, instead they talk about “global warming” – like they really cared about nature. If Jews didn’t run the world, we wouldn’t have environmental problems.

They say the North Pole and the South Pole are melting and that there are satellite images that prove that… it’s funny because those pictures actually show that the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are growing instead of decreasing in size.

The evidence they say they have is fake! They’re all paid “scientists”, “experts” and “teachers”. These people are brainwashed globalists that don’t care at all about nature.

The solutions: green energy, car restrictions, changing from fossil fuels to biofuel are actually doing more damage than good. For example, biofuel needs a vast of amount of land to get the same effect as a little bit of fossil fuels. Wind power kills birds, is loud, and destroys landscapes. Solar power is very weak, expensive and it’s proven that solar panels are carcinogenic (they give you cancer). Water power is a much better, but it unfortunately affects animals in the region, such as fish that get into the turbines and die. And the amount of water needed to get the turbines spinning, affects the environment around it.

We’re not against green energy or switching from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly fuels, the problem is just that there isn’t a good solution for that yet. Until we find that solution, we will just have to continue using fossil fuels.

Another thing is that people use way too much energy. Why shower for 30 minutes, when we have a water issue in Iran? Why buy imported fruit or other fruit that require a lot of water when you can buy organic Iranian food that doesn’t need that much water. Apart from that, organic farming is water-efficient, something we need to have more of in Iran. One computer is enough for the whole family! You don’t need a TV, get rid of it. Stop tossing plastic into nature! Don’t through batteries into the street! Don’t waste food! Recycle by any means necessary!

Iranians have to learn these and many other things to get more energy-efficient. We don’t live in a rich, powerful and green nation – at least not yet! Iran isn’t America, so stop acting like them! Do you really need a new shirt every month or a white BMW/Mercedes? No you don’t! Live more modestly, always help your nation and take care of nature.

The fact that there is more carbon dioxide in the world atmosphere, doesn’t have to mean anything dangerous. Carbon dioxide comes from a lot different processes, the industry is just one of them. Carbon dioxide doesn’t affect world temperatures.

That climate change exists is not a lie. Nature changes all the time. The problem is that they say CO2 released by people makes climate change, which isn’t true. Natural climate change happens all the time, without us contributing. It’s nothing we can stop by not using cars anymore or eating more vegetables (because apparently meat is contributing to climate change). Don’t get us wrong though, eat more vegetables!

One very important thing to think of is that, there are several methods of weather control. Chemtrails being one of them (even though this one’s more of a theory), where planes would be releasing chemicals in the atmosphere which in turn warms up the climate, or makes it rain and so on. Weather control causes extreme events like earthquakes, droughts and floods for example – not global warming.

Since 1946 many countries have successfully changed the weather trough cloud seeding. To remove rain or snow. If you though it was over, oh no no… it still exist bigger than ever. The USA, Australia and China are using this method at a big scale level. China used this method a lot to prevent rain during the Olympics in 2008. The Soviet Union was also a big user. Look it up, this isn’t a conspiracy theory – it’s real, and it’s happening right now as we speak.

The United Arab Emirates has also been using cloud seeding since a few years back. This could explain what is going on in the parts of Iran near the Persian Gulf. Khuzestan has been having problems with dust storms, and less rains since a few years back. Ahvaz is Iran’s most polluted city because of the dust storms (and heavy industry). It could be the UAE causing these major problems. Weather modification is used in warfare, as in this case, against Iran for example by our Jewish enemies.

Here’s a picture that shows how it works:

Cloud seeding

Another way of weather control is through lasers from space, or the HAARP research facility. Electromagnetism is used there. It should be pointed out that not all of these “theories” are actually 100% proven, but in this crazy world run by Jews, everything could be true.

Jews blame climate change on us, when it’s them doing it! Weather control exists, and it’s only a matter of time until nature stops taking any more and fights back at an extreme level.

One should always remember that all these events started after 1945, after the Second World War. Never forget that!

Javid Iran!


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