What Are Our Goals?

Hello everybody, it has been a while since our last post. We were busy with our YouTube and LiveLeak channels. But we’re back with a new post, this time it’s about our goals and what we want to change in the future.

First of all, as it says in our Party Program — we demand that Iran leaves the OPEC, OIC, NAM and the UN with immediate effect. That is because these organizations serve Jewish interests and want to harm Iran. What has the UN ever done for us? Same goes for OPEC, OIC, NAM — all of them are Saudi and American organizations. We have to leave them to remain independent.

All immigrants have to leave Iran immediately, those who don’t will be forced to leave and those who resort to violence and harm Iranians will be executed. At the end only an Iranian can be a citizen, meaning somebody who is of Persian blood. Our borders need to be secured, so that non-Iranians can’t make it into Iran illegally. We encourage Iranians outside Iran to move back to their homeland, as it is our home. And also as we need more people to build the new republic.

All Iranians have equal rights, no matter what religion you believe in or if you’re a man or a woman. The Iranian people are to have mutual respect for each other. The same goes for animals and nature, we are all worth the same. That means any Iranian that in any way hurts an animal will lose his or her right to live. Polluting our air, water or land will also end in execution for the people involved. That is to show how much we cherish nature.

We also want to introduce the right to bear arms, meaning you’re allowed to own and use weapons as means of protection. People should be able to protect themselves in times when the police isn’t around.

We know that the only way to make Iran strong and the people rich, is through a strong central power with a strong leader who knows what he is doing. We don’t let idiots with money get to run our nation. Below are a few of the things we promise you:

“The state is obligated to care for its citizens. No citizen can be allowed to be without housing or work. We demand the development of an extended welfare system, to give the people the best standard of living.”

“We demand the nationalisation of all major industries. All profit returns to the people, not foreign interests.”

“We demand the creation of a healthy and strong middle class.”

“We demand a land reform suitable to our nation.”

“The state is responsible for a reconstruction of our whole national education system, to enable every industrious Iranian the possibility to obtain higher education and thereby introduction into leading positions.”

“We demand a generous expansion of our armed forces.”

“The state has to care for the people’s health through the encouragement of physical fitness and by supporting all sports associations.”

“The Persian language must be cleared of foreign words, only then can our wonderful language advance forward.”

“We demand a struggle against public enemies who do nothing but to harm the people. National criminals and so on are to be punished with death.”

“We demand that the sharia law, serving a Jewish world order, be abolished in place of an Iranian common law.”

We don’t just promise you heaven and earth, we will give it to you too! So join the National Socialist Party of Iran in the struggle for freedom, independence, sovereignty, peace, unity and prosperity.

If there is anything you think we should bring up, then just tell us in the comment section below.



5 thoughts on “What Are Our Goals?

  1. Araz Rami

    I love your party and sympathise you lot but most people are Persian in Iran except the rest so I’m of Azari blood from Medes and Scythians, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Turkmen, Lur, Bakhtiari, Baloch, Kurds ( not part of the Kurdish problem), what about Armenians will they stay.


    1. Sarbaz Post author

      Thank you for sympathizing with us! Here’s how it works: Iran isn’t as clean as Germany for example when it comes to race. Us Persians, we aren’t as clean as the Germans – a lot of Persians are mixed race without even knowing it themselves. Therefore we do make exceptions if we find that the person does fit in. We need information to do that, so contact us and we might be able to make an exception. But to answer your question: No, Armenians can’t stay. Nobody non-Persian can stay except when we make an exception.

      National Socialist Party of Iran/حزب سوسیالیست ملی ایران


      1. German Male

        Iranian brothers warm regards from a fellow Aryan brother from Germany. 🙂 We are both trying to free ourselves from the Jewish viper and their filth, with Iran threatened with invasion and “democracy,” American imperialism, etc. and Germany threatened with racial mixing, democracy, American imperialism, etc. to destroy our common Aryan race. Aryan peoples founded Germanic paganism, Zoroastrianism, Vedic Hinduism, etc. but we are confounded by alien Semitic faiths, (Judaism, Christianity, atheism, etc.) as you well know. The Islamic Republic of Iran must be terminated for enforcing the hijab and chador along with the monopoly of power given to the radical clerics and religious intolerance and instead Germany and Iran should be partner countries based on our Aryan blood.


      2. Araz

        I love and sympathise with your party but the downside is I’m mixed aswell I’m predominantly Iranian Azari with slight Turkmen in me, due to my mom marrying my Dad and I don’t think my mom is pure either so I can’t join, all the best to the INSP and Seig Heil to the remaining Aryans left.
        I hope when I pass away I’ll be reborn again with our father Ahura Mazda.



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