Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Iran/National Socialist Party of Iran

For years now Iranians have been living outside their nation, for years we have been rootless and didn’t know what to do against it. We try to fill our emptiness with material things, but does that change anything? No, it does not. Some Iranians travel the whole wide world because they think that will help and make them feel less empty, but again it does not. I am here to tell you that none of this will fill that emptiness. All of that is artificial, not natural.

But to tell you about something else, we’re not alone. Look at the immigration that is going on in the world, is that natural? No, it’s not! Millions of people have to leave their homes every year because of war, that is completely insane!

Why wage war against so many nations? What do these criminals that start these wars get out of it? And also who starts these wars?

Most Iranians would now say it’s the UK and the US or maybe the Islamists. Mostly because they also think the Iranian Revolution (the revolution in 1979) was done by the US and Britain. So that Khomeini could take power. This has been put in our brains for years, mostly by our parents. But also by others (propaganda by the media like BBC Persian, ITN and so on…).

To clarify this just for now (I’m going to write a bit more a little later so you really understand what happened) the Iranian Revolution was not done by the US nor the UK, it was simply a revolution. Under the late Shah the people suffered (he was supported by both these terror nations by the way), he was oppressive and Iran was in a collapse. Iran was before run by his father Reza Shah Bozorg (R.I.P.), he took power in 1925 and before the Iranian people even knew his name he had already introduced numerous economic, social and political reforms. Before he took power, Iran was one of the poorest nations in the Middle East with almost no military force, that changed under him. He transformed Iran into a much richer state (he wasn’t perfect but when you compare him to the other rulers before him, he definitely change a lot), he formed the powerful military of Iran (Imperial Iranian Army, Navy, Air Force) and he did much more. He was also the one that introduced Ethnic nationalism to us, he gave Iranians the cultural identity we have today. That means without him, we wouldn’t even know what the Farvahar is. And he also gave us that proud feeling we have now today when we see an Iranian, or when we talk Persian or when we see the flag of our beloved nation wave.

In 1941, the Soviet Union and the UK attacked Iran without any warning and with no mercy, they slaughtered our people and tortured them in an unthinkable way. Little Iran was no match to these powerful and evil terror states so they crushed Iran and kicked out its father to Johannesburg. Why? Because he defended his nation. It was now that his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi came to power, the Soviets and the UK put him to power and everything he did was under their influence, the US later also became an “ally” to Iran. More like a cancer than an ally.

I’m not going to write much more about Mohammad Reza Shah, I can take that another time if you would like that. But as I told you, he did everything for his bosses (UK, US), he was nothing more than a puppet. Don’t get fooled by the celebrations in 1971, it wasn’t for the people, it was for the royals.

But to get back to our questions…

Why wage war against so many nations?

There have been so many wars in the world that most ordinary Iranians don’t care anymore. That is EXACTLY what our enemy wants! But to finally tell you about our enemy, it’s the Jew. The International Jew! And it has ALWAYS been him! The Jew has started hundreds of wars (including WWI, WWII) to destroy our world. Every war makes the Jews richer and makes the affected nations more unstable. An unstable nation is easier to conquer than a strong and stable one.

To prove that just look at Syria now, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iran

Almost 2 million people in Tripoli protested against the NATO bombing of Libya (1/3 of the population), still the West didn’t care they just destroyed their nation and killed their leader. But why? Because Libya under Gaddafi was independent, not like today. Libya’s central bank was state-owned, not a private bank like today. It gave out interest-free loans to the people, something Jews don’t like. How to profit when there is no interest…

The same thing is happening to Syria right now, they don’t control Syria’s central bank so Bashar al-Assad has to go, even though he has been elected for president by the Syrian people!

And that happened to Iraq and Egypt as well! Even Afghanistan got affected, they had Taliban rule sure, but you seem to forget that the central bank of Afghanistan still was under Afghan control. I don’t support the Taliban in any way, I only wanted to make a statement about their banking system!

And now it’s our turn people! Afghanistan got invaded in 2001, not because they hated the Taliban. No, they created the Taliban! It was because they needed to take over their banking system and also to have more military bases for the next war!

Which war? The Jewish-Iranian war! Remember the divide and conquer technique, it is very effective. If you have been in Iran at least once, you have probably noticed the huge amount of needles on the ground. Since 2001, there has been a huge increase, but why?


There you have it!

Iranians around the world want to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran, but NEVER forget that the Islamic Republic of Iran is protecting Iran! In Iran there are interest-free loans, oil money gets into our pockets not the Jews pockets and much more…

Millions of Iranians every year protest for a new democratic government all around the world. They don’t know that THIS is exactly what the Jews want. We’re the only nation standing up against the Jewish-Zionist-Bolshevik-Cancer. Syria is dying and North Korea is a disaster, so we really are the last one!

This Is Democracy:

hämta images  Aqm2hO-CEAELtVH  a3332813024_10    7604_4d27_500hämta (1)

What do these criminals that start these wars get out of it?

As I mentioned above they profit from war, but they also get control of that nation. They turn that nation into a puppet one, by controlling its economy through the banking system (turning state-owned banks into private ones) and then they steal money through the bank. When they control the currency, they also control the oil of the nation because oil and money are linked to each other. It’s a very old strategy called divide and conquer, you make the people hate each other and when it’s time you invade that nation and you’re in control.

And also who starts these wars?

The Jews! The Jews own almost all banks, all the media, governments and so on…

I’m going to give you some proof too:

If you really want this, then go ahead and join the terrorists! But if you want freedom for the Iranian people, independence and a strong state and nation that only cares about the people and not about any money or oil or power then join me and others in the battle for a free, independent and strong Iran!

We can only stop the Islamic Republic of Iran through National Socialism!

Every other ideology like Communism, Liberalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Islamism, Democracy… WILL FAIL!

It’s up to YOU! — Iran or the Jews?


National Socialism




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